News Release

Deleum Steps Up Health, Safety and Environment Campaign

Kuala Lumpur, 11 Nov 2013

Deleum, a provider of a diverse range of supporting specialised products and services to the oil and gas industry, launched its annual Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Campaign recently.

The campaign kicked off with a series of HSE activities held at the Group's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. A spread-out HSE campaign involving the Group’s employees at other operating units located across Malaysia will continue in phases until year end 2013.

Carrying the theme “Collective Responsibility towards Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Excellence”, the Campaign aims to promote the importance of health and safety amongst Deleum's employees and inculcate a proactive HSE intervention culturewithin the workforce, at home and in the community.

"As a company involved in the oil and gas industry, safety is always our top priority. The safety of our employees, assets, environment and society at large cannot be compromised. Creating a safe and conducive workplace and living have always been the emphasis of our HSE Campaign," said Nan Yusri Nan Rahimy, the Group Managing Director of Deleum Berhad.

Nan Yusri added: "We constantly organise and participate in forums and training to keep our employees abreast with safety requirements at work. However, even as we emphasise the importance of workplace safety, we are acutely aware of the need for us to be more engaged within the community.”

“We had recently organised a Health and Safety Talk for the underprivileged children from ASDAF home (Asrama Darul Falah PERKIM), educating them on the importance of health and hygienic practices, safety and self-sustenance. This is one of the areas that we hope to be increasingly active in the future as we expand our Corporate Responsibility focus and initiatives,” added Nan Yusri.

Amongst the activities undertaken at the HSE Campaign were health and blood screening tests and presentations on health, safety and crime prevention. A blood donation drive, organised in collaboration with the National Blood Bank, drew good support from employees and the public with a total of 69 pints of blood being collected.

Internally, Deleum also initiated a Hazards Hunt to encouragee employees to be alert and be on the lookout for unsafe actions, conditions or behavior.

Explained Nan Yusri: "It is important to convey the message that health and safety are the collective responsibility of every employee. They must take ownership as well as stewardship to improve our health and safety performance towards HSE excellence within and outside the work environment."