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Deleum’s Oilfield Services segment specialises mainly in upstream operations, topside and downhole support services which consist of the provision of wireline equipment and logging services, completion services, integrated wellhead maintenance services, oilfield chemical and other oilfield products and technical services.


Our slickline logging operations are equipped with a wide array of running tools or surveys and are operated by skilled and competent personnel. At Deleum, we are also able to provide and support specialised products and services for drilling, completion and production services as well as work-over and decommissioning or abandonment of platforms and wells.



Following our earlier collaboration with PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd. to identify solutions in addressing organic solid deposit problems, a thermo-chemical SolidClenz™ was developed which has superior advantages both technically and commercially. In November 2011, Deleum entered into a Joint Commercialisation Agreement (JCA) with PETRONAS Technology Ventures Sdn. Bhd., to jointly commercialise this novel and innovative system which is very flexible and effective in removing predominantly organic deposits in flow conduits such as wells, pipelines, flowlines, topsides and process equipment. This homegrown technology is able to reduce operation costs by increasing the sustainability of well production.


Deleum’s human capital strength is supported with the industry’s qualified and experienced Well Services Engineers to provide solutions to support our customers’ requirements in a challenging environment.

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