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This innovative and green technology are utilizing a rust conversion primer, water borne and surface tolerant, NRX coating requires minimum surface preparation and providing excellent corrosion protection. The technology will significantly reduce the cost of coating application and saving the environmental. NRX Paint can be applied over corroded steel, Galvanized steel and old, painted structures, with minimal surface preparation — just a high-pressure water wash (4000psi).

The paint chemically reacts with steel, rust, galvanized steel and existing paints (except silicon-based paints), to create a long-term protective coating. It is 100% non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to store and ship and requires no special clothing and breathing equipment.

NRX provides long term corrosion protection, even in C5 corrosion environment, by creating a chemically bonded layer of Iron phosphate or Zinc phosphate over the carbon steel and also Galvanized steel.

NRX is self-curing at ambient temperatures, so painted surfaces are easily repairable when damaged, since there is no lateral corrosion undercutting the paint in surrounding areas, as happens with conventional paint systems. Just a touch-up of paint over the damaged area will fully restore its corrosion protection with additional advantages where the paint is very flexible and provides protection in extreme temperatures of -67 °C to 200 °C (-89 °F °-400 °F).

NRX paint is revolutionizing the paint industry being green, safe, high performance and low cost.