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RPR Technology - The world ’s fastest, safest and cleanest method for Paint Removal.

DPSB has ventured in coating removal by controlled induction heating - Rust Paint Removal (RPR) Technology which is ideal for removing thick paint and coatings. This technology generates heat in the steel substrate to disbond the coating without disintegration, making disposal of scheduled waste easier and cheaper. RPR technologies allows the works to be executed much faster, safer and without introducing any additional consumables, resulting direct and indirect cost savings during the execution of a project, with shorter time durations.

RPR Technologies has developed a proven and reliable method for effective removal of coatings on steel, based on a patented induction technology. It removes most types of coatings, from thick rubber, ebonite, glass-fibre, PFP’s and epoxy system to traditional paint system. It removes coatings with thickness up to 20-25mm easily.

Removal rates up to 10-15 m2/hr. is achievable, depending on the coating thickness and type. The main generator can be located up to 100m away from the workplace and the process is virtually noiseless. The work can be done simultaneously with inspection and other maintenance work taking place in the same sector. Removed paints and coatings sediments are easily collected and send for disposal as scheduled waste without any additional waste i.e. abrasive or water.

Conventional Method – Typically, coatings is removed by sand blasting or High-Pressure Water Jet (UHP) which will involve complete isolation of the sections being treated and the removal of sand, sediment and water requires a lot of time, cost and resources. These systems also require several exceptional safety measures with respect to contamination to water and protection against noise and dust in the air.

Why Use RPR Technologies

“Twice as fast as sandblasting”

Statement from a main contractor to the industry.


Especially effective in removing floor- and inner-wall lining resulting in shorter down time.


Above all, this method does not add any grit or water media that needs transport, processing and disposal.


  • No high pressure.
  • Quiet operation.
  • No air-born dust emissions.
  • Less protective gear needed.
  • Most importantly – the Coating Removal on Storage Tanks is safe for the operator or nearby workers carrying out other maintenance or inspection work.


  • Easy waste containment.
  • Minimal risk of local contamination.
  • About 75% less energy consumption compared with traditional methods.
  • Use of RPR Induction for coatings removal gives no grit or water deposits. Therefore, transport cost and emissions are reduced to a minimum.