In 2008, Deleum, had via the acquisition of 51% equity interest in Penaga Dresser Sdn Bhd (“Penaga Dresser”) through its 80% owned subsidiary, Delcom Holdings Sdn. Bhd., further expanded the business and service in providing a wide range of valve products and valve management services to the oil and gas industry.

Penaga Dresser is the sole agent of Dresser’s products on Control Valve, Regulators and Safety Relief Valve for the Malaysia market. Penaga Dresser has also further expanded to providing Total Valve Management and supporting activities. The services offered by Penaga Dresser are as follows:

  • Technical field service support for control valves, safety valves, regulators, actuators and related instruments
  • Diagnostic services (SVI, Valscope) and Electronic Valve Testing (EVT)
  • Technical expertise in control valves modification, upgrading and refurbishment
  • Stocking program to support the sales and service of Dresser valves – quick turnaround and fast response to customers’ urgent requirement
  • Training on control valves servicing, assembly and smart products

The operations of Penaga Dresser are currently operated via offices/facilities in three (3) different locations, the Main Office at Kuala Lumpur, a manufacturing and assembly plant in Kemaman, Terengganu and a similar but smaller services center at the Kemaman Supply Base to cater for offshore operations. For more detailed information on products and services offered by Penaga Dresser, please click