Oilfield Services

a. Wireline Equipment and Logging Services

We specialise in various downhole well services using slickline tools. This includes but not limited to setting and pulling plugs/SSSV/GLV, slickline fishing, sand or sample bailing, BHPT, tubing integrity checks, TD tagging, tubing drift, opening/closing of SSD, MPLT, MIT, Contact Log and slickline perforation.

b. Integrated Wellhead Maintenance

We are able to provide complete Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Corrective Maintenance (CM) on all types of wellheads with our own dedicated workshop, personnel and storage facility.

Our scope of work under integrated concept is to provide Total Management (PM & CM) as follows:

  • Planning, recording of information and maintenance history
  • Spares and inventory for critical parts
  • Vast experience with all wellhead models
  • Repair, rebuild or complete replacement
  • Provide full Failure Analysis in the event of CM
  • Purchase parts directly from manufacturer and able to cater for obsolete parts
  • Dedicated workshop and storage facility for wellhead maintenance scope
  • Trained and experienced staff in carrying out corrective maintenance of the wellhead equipment.

c. Well Control

Wild Well Control is the world’s leading provider of firefighting, well control, and related engineering services. These services are provided for operations onshore, inland waters, offshore and deepwater.

  1. Emergency Well Control Services
    • Blowout and Pressure Control First Response
      > Well Control Equipment and Operations
    • Engineering
      > Relief Well Planning
      > Drilling Engineering/Planning
      > Directional Drilling/Intercept
      > Well Kill/Plug and Abandonment
    • Special Services including Freeze, Hot Tap and Valve Drill
  2. Non-Emergency Well Control Engineering
    • Well Modeling - Well Planning Support & Real Time Modeling
    • Relief Well Planning
      > Identification of Relief Well Site
      > Contingency Planning
      > Hazard Assessment
    • Risk Management Services
      > Emergency Response Plan Development
      > Risk Assessment and Analysis
      > Incident Management Training
  3. Well Control Training
    • Training courses include Drilling/Subsea, Workover and Well Servicing; as well as wellsite Well Control Equipment Surveys
  4. Marine Engineering and Services
    • Project Management and Engineering
    • Subsea Well Intervention and Abandonment
    • Unconventional Well Abandonment
    • Platform Decommissioning
    • Platform and Wreck Removal
    • Platform Disaster Recovery