Oilfield Chemicals Services

Specialty Chemicals for Production Enhancement and Flow Assurance.

Deleum’s portfolio of chemical products and services consist of production chemicals, specialty chemicals for tank cleaning, well stimulation, water shut-off and slickline conveyed tubing cleaning, and gravel packing. To date, we have reported over a million barrel enhanced and accelerated production to the Malaysian oil and gas industry through our innovative chemical solutions.

We are also proud to be the premier research oriented organisation that is capable of providing solutions to the most challenging and demanding near wellbore damages and flow assurance issues by a team of highly experienced professionals with focus on Research and Development to deliver cost-effective solutions. We also have strategic alliances with reputable suppliers and technical partners to package superior solutions to our clients.

Scope of Services

Product Lines Offered

i. Production Enhancement Solutions

  • Thermo Chemical Formulations for organic deposit treatment
  • Specialty solvent for Naphthenates (Plastic Wax) Treatment
  • Acid, chellant and specialty solvent for Scale Treatment
  • Specialty chemical to remove wellbore dirt
  • Specialty polymer formulation for water shut-off

SDTT video

Well stimulation/production enhancement

ii. Flow Assurance

  • Drag Reducing Agent (DRA), Pour Point Depressant (PPD), Flow Improver, Specialty Demulsifier, Deoilers, Scale Inhibitors, Wax Inhibitors
  • Performance chemicals for injector and producers
  • Treatment of Tank Bottom Solid Sludge
  • Water treatment chemicals for water injector and EOR chemical flooding
  • Cleaning of downstream crude processing units
  • Well integrity remediation chemicals (i.e chemical sealant, lubricants and others)

Pumping Services

Sample Analysis

iii. Consultancy and R&D

  • Consultancy Services on Crude Oil Production process
  • Novel product development to address production and flow assurance issues

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D)