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“Collective Responsibility towards HSE Excellence”


Deleum recognises and safeguards the welfare of our employees, assets, environment and society at large. We place utmost priority to our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) best practices by making every effort to further improve our policies and procedures which are integrated into daily operations, as well as implementation of various QHSE initiatives across the Group.

In 2009, the Group introduced its HSE slogan “Collective Responsibility towards HSE Excellence” with the aim to instil ownership and collective involvement of each and every employee towards achieving the Group’s HSE objectives.

Our Commitment

At Deleum, we focus on continuous improvement in every aspect the way we conduct business, being our commitment in upholding our shared values of Excellence and HSE. In 2009, the Deleum Corporate HSE committee was restructured to include the collective participation from various functions and levels of employees and is headed by the Group Managing Director. This has resulted in strong leadership, resources, visible commitment, personal involvement and active participation in HSE activities. The main functions of the committee are to:

  • Review and develop HSE practices, policies and procedures at the workplace;
  • Develop annual HSE plan to meet the HSE objectives;
  • Organise HSE programmes, review its effectiveness and make recommendations to the Management; and
  • Conduct investigations of incidents and accidents which occur at the workplace and recommend remedial measures.

In sustaining a culture of safety and achieving operational excellence at Deleum, an annual QHSE Plan is developed comprising nine elements, namely Leadership and Commitment; Policies and Strategy Objectives; Organisation, Resource, Competency and Documentation; Supplier and Contractor HSE Management; Hazard and Effect Management; Planning and Procedures; Implementation and Monitoring; HSE Assurance and Management Review. Close monitoring on all the outlined action plans and activities will be carried out throughout the year. Threatening issues that arise in the workplace will be reported in the audit and inspection report and subsequent corrective measures will be implemented.

Our QHSE Policies

We are fully focused and committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees by ensuring our established policies are being adhered to at all times.

HSE Programmes and Activities

  • HSE Week

    Over the years, the Group has been organising the HSE Week at Deleum’s head office and all operating units in various locations. It helps to enhance greater awareness among Deleum’s employees on safety at the workplace and home. Amongst other HSE activities undertaken are presentations and briefings on crime prevention, road safety against crime, health talks and health checks.

  • Monthly Safety Bulletin

    Monthly HSE bulletins highlighting HSE issues and good practices are circulated to all employees throughout the year.

  • Safety Meetings

    Safety meetings are held on a regular basis to review the Group’s safety performance and statistics, yearly QHSE Plan progress, incident/accident investigation reports (if any), STOP Card analysis, and the workplace audit and inspection report.

  • HSE Management System Audit and Review

    Periodic audits of the HSE Management System are undertaken at the operational facilities, where the system is reviewed yearly by HSE Committee.

  • Employee Training

    Various training sessions and seminars are organised periodically to inculcate understanding and practices of safety among employees namely Basic Occupational First Aider Training, First Aid and Fire Fighting, to name a few.