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Corporate Governance matters as it helps corporate to increase the accountability and to avoid enormous blows before they occur. In short, it is the way a corporate policies itself in achieving an ethical, fair, lawful culture.

Every employee in this organization is responsible in abiding the governance process.

We strive to maintain our core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Sustainable and Excellence. This is aligned with our mindset for a strengthened business hub.


  • Shareholder

    Good Corporate Governance ensures shareholders get to speak their view at general meetings and are allowed to participate

  • Stakeholder

    Corporate recognize stakeholder interest through Corporate Governance by addressing non-shareholder stakeholders to establish positive relationships with the community and media.

  • Board

    With the Corporate Governance, board responsibilities are clearly outlined to shareholders. This ensures board members are on the same page with the corporate vision.

The corporate governance report provides annual disclosure on the overall corporate governance system and on Deleum's adherence to the Code of conduct for listed companies, issued by Bursa Malaysia.