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Build A Career With Deleum

At Deleum, we believe that employees are our greatest assets and the key to our success. Deleum believes in developing and rewarding motivated, competent and high performing employees. We cultivate an innovative working environment, encourage people to think of different ways of working and always strive for continuous improvement. We motivate employees by giving responsibility and expecting accountability, by involving and empowering our people as well as seeking continuous feedback.

Developing People Through Our Core Values

Deleum Group strongly believes the Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism, Sustainability as well as Excellence – promotes transparency and openness in our communication, encourages respect among individuals, develops a high standard for a safe and healthy environment as well as embraces excellence and strives for continuous improvements in everything we do.

Deleum As A Family

While we work hard, we also play hard. We established an in-house Sports Club which comes up with vibrant and exciting events and sports activities frequently. While we work hard, we believe in nurturing a healthy body and mind, and adopting work-life balance working practices. We work as a family, we play as a family and we live as a family. Deleum is not a workplace, it is a home, we are one big family.

Join Us!

Deleum offers abundant opportunities for professional growth. We have a vast range of roles, disciplines and functions to satisfy the most imaginative and determined minds. As our business evolves, new possibilities arise, we invite highly motivated individuals who are seeking a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling career to join us.