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The Integrated Corrosion Solution (ICS) segment is involved in the provision of integrated corrosion inspection and mitigation for the oil and gas industry through Deleum Primera Sdn. Bhd (“DPSB”).

ICS has embarked on a very innovative plan to continuously and proactively in securing surface preparation contracts whilst expanding the scope of related services offered like assets maintenance, modification and construction contracts and riser maintenance works.

The core services include but not limited to various type of surface preparation works, corrosion prevention, protection and mitigation.

Cross selling of the technology-based products coupled with assurance of timely and quality services, society engagement and environmental stewardship has enabled DPSB to penetrate new markets, retain existing customers enhance potential customer satisfaction and create a competitive edge in the industry.

The services offered by DPSB has also expanded to include Passive Fire Protection (PFP), cold and hot insulation, Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA), pipeline integrity and riser maintenance, composite repair, fabrication and maintenance, and oil spill response services to serve the oil and gas industry as well as general industries.


  • Sponge-Jet Technology – Clean, Dry, Low Dust and Reusable Abrasive.
  • Heat Induction Paint Removal
  • Solidsvac Slurry Vacuum Pump
  • SLICKBAR™ Oil Spill Combating Equipment and Services


  • Integrated Maintenance Services – EPCC, Top Site Maintenance, Turn Around, Fabrication and replacement works, Modification and field improvement project.
  • Surface Preparation and Painting Services – Dry Blast, Vapor Blast, Wet Blast. Water Jetting, Abseiling Method
  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) - Consultancy and Installation Services
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Other Services
    • Composite repairs
    • Hot and Cold Insulation