Oilfield Products

a. Auxiliary Cementing Equipment

Our range of centralizers is specifically designed to provide proper centralization which is necessary to obtain good primary cementing job.

We offer a full range of both welded and non-welded bow centralizers, Spirolizer, solid body, stop collar and other accessories.

We also offer the latest generation of Advanced Composite Polymer technology centralizers that provide high performance, very low friction and highest strength of non-metallic centralizers in the industry.

    The float equipment includes the following:
  • Top and Bottom Cementing Plug
  • Float Shoe
  • Float Collar
  • Guide Shoe

b. Wildcat Automatic Drilling System (ADS)

We offer the most comprehensive “Automatic Driller” which is robust in design and can adapt to any drilling rig in various geographic locations.

Our ADS comes with a complete support package, ranging from installation, training and make service calls as needed to ensure the system is performing to the client’s expectation.

c. Drill Bits

Our drill bits are designed for specific formation, drive types and well profiles to achieve market-leading Rate of Penetration (ROP), minimizing cost per foot. Each drill bit features unique and patented technologies that deliver outstanding performance.

The products range includes Insert and Fixed Cutter Bits, PDC and Roller Cones Bit, Milled tooth, Reamer and also Coring Bits.

d. Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

MPD system can be used to improve the efficiency and safety of drilling operations in multiple hole section sizes, with variety of flow rate and hole conditions while drilling.

    This MPD system also can be used for:
  • Conventional Overbalanced Drilling with hole problems
  • Deepwater Operations
  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) with long high angle/horizontal sections
  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells
  • Air and Foam Drilling
  • Mudcap Drilling
  • Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)

e. Inflatable and Swellable Packers

Our partner TAM International is the leader in inflatable and swellable packer technology and provides a wide variety of solutions to the downhole energy industry applications.

We have the widest range of inflatable and swellable packers and accessories which enable more effective and efficient zone isolation in a wide spectrum of downhole conditions and operational requirements.

    Products range:
  • Casing Annulus Packer and Accessories
  • Swellable Packer
  • Circulating Packer
  • Inflatable Packer for Hydrological Applications
  • Bridge Plug and Cement Retainer
  • Port Collars
  • Multiple set Inflatable Packer/Bridge Plug System
  • Inflatable Retrievable Packers (Single or Multiple)
  • Thru-Tubing Workover Services
  • Plug and Retainer Kit

f. Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM)

Our MPFM is designed, manufactured and tested as per international standard (API/ANSI/ASME/NACE) and can be custom made upon request.

g. Sand Monitoring Services

Dedicated sand management company in the oil and gas industry, recognised expert advisors in sand management and sand/solid monitoring. Our partner Sand Monitoring Services Ltd (SMS) offers a complete package from strategy and design through to commissioning and monitoring. We reduce the risks associated with sanding, saving both money and time whilst meeting all health and safety compliance requirements. We also help to optimise oil and gas production rates whilst making sure that solids production is within tolerable limits.

h. Jack Up Drilling Rig

Self elevating, independent leg, cantilever jack up drilling unit with Skid Off facility with rugged design, low maintenance and less fuel consumption, greater control and efficiency are ideal for drilling horizontal, multilateral, ERD and high-stake wells for any operators.