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Solidsvac vacuum pumps are manufactured in 316 SS as standard and 100% air operated vacuum loading, pressure discharge pumps. These pumps can move almost anything and with no internals there is no cavitation, n priming and they can't be damaged by dry running.

Through Solidsvac, various material can be recovered from a distance in excess of 50 meters and conveyed up to 1,200 meters from the pump. Solidsvac pump is capable of performing vertical suction lifts in excess of +20 meters and vertical discharges in excess of 40 meters. Solidsvac not only supply industry leading vacuum loading slurry pumps, but they also supply a range of accessories to suit your application. Fitted to either the SV20 or SV70, the Vac-Head tool allows the operator to quickly recover and transfer drill mud from the rig floor or wet cement from concrete cutting.