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We offer various Specialty Chemicals and Well Stimulation services such as integrated chemical solutions, flow assurance, integrated pipeline cleaning, tank cleaning and pumping services. With the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, our aim is to provide solutions to the most challenging and demanding near wellbore damages and flow assurance issues by a team of highly experienced professionals with focus on Research and Development to deliver cost-effective solutions.


  • Organic deposit treatment
  • Naphthenates treatment
  • Scale treatment
  • Removal of wellbore dirt
  • Water shut-off and profile modification
  • Pressure pumping and nitrogen lifting
  • Sand consolidation, fine migration control
  • Zonal isolation
  • Well integrity


  • Scale squeeze treatment
  • Production and performance chemicals for water injectors and oil producers
  • Integrated tank cleaning
  • On-line/offline cleaning (separators, heat exchangers, boilers)
  • Tracer study, cleaning of flowline and pipelines, hazard containment
  • Specialty formulation for CEOR schemes
  • H2S monitoring, remediation and integrated management


  • N2 System and Services
  • Pumping Services
  • Coiled Tubing Unit and Services
  • Chemical Injection System
  • Low Pressure Production Unit (LoPPU)
  • Multiphase Flowmeter
  • Annulus Pressure Management